Software to help Model UN organisers create impressive conferences.

Munworks has changed how it operates.

Munworks has delivered a great experience to several conferences and donated thousands of dollars to support UN agencies. But unfortunately, Munworks is just a one-man show, and now full-time work and other projects mean I no longer have time maintain the software. So that it doesn't just disappear, here's how things will work.


Munrun, the committee management program for Windows, is now freely available to download.

There are some screencast videos that may help you use it.

The code is now open source and available at GitHub. Please feel free to fork the repository, and if you make improvements, to issue pull requests. The code has not been curated at all so it may not be too easy to work with, sorry!


Munhub, the online registration system, can be provided as source code for your IT team to run from your own website.

Munhub will only be provided to recognised Model UN conferences. (It's on GitHub as a private repository.) To request it, please contact me from your conference email.

A few key points:


Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide support or answer questions about Munworks, other than as indicated above.


If you use Munrun or Munhub and appreciate what it adds to your conference, it'd be great if you make a donation to a UN humanitarian agency and let me know! This is not compulsory, just encouraged.