Michael West

Hi, I'm Michael.

I'm interested in how data and technology can be harnessed for social good.

I'm also interested in science policy and scientific literacy, and how communities support investment in the basic science that underpins prosperity.

Plus, I'm a fan of Lego, cooking, office-based mockumentaries, my wife, and the peanut butter chocolate cookie cake she makes.

Palantir Technologies


I'm a Deployment Specialist at Palantir, in Australia.

  • Mission-driven data analysis, user engagement, project management and software development for Australian government and law enforcement.
  • Palantir 101 conference talk

Office of the Chief Scientist

Data analysis, visualisation, research and policy development for Australia's science system.

180 Degrees Consulting

From 2011-2015, I was the volunteer CTO of 180DC, a non-profit that's the world's largest student consultancy, working with socially conscious organizations to improve their operations.

University of Sydney